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David Jackson


On graduating from Salford, Dave became a post-grad at Warwick University and then joined a government-funded research group. Over the next 20 or so years he lead a fairly peripatetic existence working on projects around Britain but also in France, Nigeria and Sweden.


In the early 1990s Dave made the switch into academia and for the next few years split his time between lecturing and research (mainly into social entrepreneurship). At the start of the 21st Century Dave moved into the training sphere and also became involved in a major project in Morocco (during which a mine roof fell in on his head).


He also began writing both supporting manuals and “case studies” for use in training. He remained in this work until his “retirement” in 2011.

Since then, Dave has completed an OU BA in Psychology and Creative Writing and has been building up a portfolio as a creative writer. He has divided his time equally between prose and poetry.


Publications include:

“Chance Encounter” – which was runner-up in Writing Magazine’s Monthly Competition Wn0047

“Golden Ring” – which was 3rd prizewinner in the Chapel Gallery (Ormskirk) Fairy Story Competition

“Free Beer Tomorrow” – printed in “Scribble” Magazine Winter 2013

“The Laptop in the Gallery” – printed in “Scribble” Magazine Autumn 2017

“A Tour of Bolton” and “Theatre Review” – both winners of “Writers’ Forum” Flash Fiction Competitions (there have been a few Runners-Up as well).


Dave’s work also appears in a few compilations:

“Time for the Camel to Spit” – Creative Mind 2014

“Hate” – Creative Mind 2018

“Commemoration – Anthology 5” Live From Worktown 2018

Dave has self-produced two volumes which are available to purchase from our store.


“Tales from the Plots” – stories of Allotment Life – which also features the artwork of his elder son, Rob. And a collection of poetry – "Caging the Stars”

Both are currently with Emryst Press ( )

Dave is currently working on further poetry and also on a (much delayed) novel, working title “Groken”, set in a fictional mixture of the Faroe Islands and Northern Iceland (with perhaps a bit of the Summer Isles thrown in!). He’s also looking at extending a series of stories involving a shape-shifting anti-hero called Paramicha.

Review of 'Tales from the Plots'

This is a fun book and very character driven. It is a lovely simple true-to-life fiction with some playful moments. It is the kind of book that could inspire others to have a go at creating scenarios based on experiences of situations where people interact in very ordinary situations. Well done to David and Rob Jackson for their creative collaboration. (Bernie Jordan)