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Lesley Atherton first met Fred when he approached her for editorial assistance regarding his work in progress that eventually became 'Milk to Motorways'. We're proud now to have copies available for sale on our store.

Here are a few interesting links about Fred and his work: -to-motorways-the-road-to-being-a-self-made-millionaire- 1-9371862

Fred Smith is an extraordinary man. Having been brought up on Chorley farms, with his early adulthood spent working as milkman and gardener, he craved more. This has been his life’s pattern – to always search unstintingly for his next challenge. Yes, Fred is a husband, a father and a provider, but there's more to him than that.


Undoubtedly, few of us could lay claim to his particular achievements: a British Weightlifting champion many times over; a marathon participant; and an entrepreneur and extremely successful business man (most notably in the motorway lighting business). Fred is even a reluctant poet!


The story of Fred’s life and achievements is told in 'Milk to Motorways' and will be of great interest to those who have ever met Fred and those who know the areas of Chorley and Lancashire in which he has spent his life. It will also appeal to anyone who has ever travelled on a motorway and wondered more about what goes on behind the scenes.


This book is crammed full of challenges met and disappointments overcome, all indicative of Fred’s overwhelming strength of character and drive. 'Milk to Motorways' is a fascinating read about a fascinating man.

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