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Malcolm Timms


After spending most of his working life motivating others, Malcolm's writing career started by writing storybooks for his grandchildren in an effort to get them to read. Sat on the shore of Lake Malawi one evening after a hard day's voluntary work, he was himself motivated to start his first adult novel.  A comedy entitled 'Monkton Farleigh's First Case', it is still a work in progress.


Still actively travelling on voluntary service in Africa and Asia, Malcolm claims he has little time for writing, although recently he was shortlisted in the 'Writers' Magazine' for a poem 'Father's Greatcoat' (see on this page).


He has written a number of short stories and poems and in 2018 had a piece 'It's Me Not You' included in an anthology called 'Hate' (ISBN 978-1-9993509-0-1).


Malcolm is currently working on a re-write of his first two self-published children's books - 'Adam Jack goes into Space', and 'Adam Jack goes for a Swim'.