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Peter McGeehan


Peter McGeehan was born at an early age in Liverpool, in 1948, into a family of four brothers and two sisters. He was educated outside the City in a good progressive school, which ironed out most of the ‘thick, scouse’ accent, shared by his siblings.


Much of his early working life was spent in the Health Service, in Mental Health care, probably the best place for him to be. Peter enjoyed a varied career and volunteering interests. A short version taken from a very long list includes Nursing, Senior Social Worker, and a variety of family business ventures. The most prominent being in Public Transport, with his own bus and coach operation, plus various Training and Management work including Tri-services resettlement for Service men and women entering civilian life.

A spell with two armed forces reserve posts also melted into the mix. The St John Ambulance also featured prominently in the early days. Married in 1972, he now lives in Bolton and has 5 grown up children and 10 grandchildren, the number gradually increasing at the time of publication...

At present, he has turned his attention to writing novels and short stories, which he hopes to develop into a full-time occupation after retirement (what retirement?). He is also sharing his love of writing with a local writing groups, where he is an occasional guest tutor. He also has requests from community groups to do talks on the history of sweets and a separate talk on the History of Chocolates.

Having now passed on the shop to his Daughter, Sara, Peter and his wife, Delia, now travel far and wide with their mobile sweet shop trailer, dubbed 'The Tardis,' because of the amount of stock it can hold.

The Kaiser's Guns

Many years back, Lesley Atherton, from Scott Martin Productions, heard Peter McGeehan reading his poem 'The Kaiser's Guns' and was very struck by the song-like quality of the words and the determined feel of the poem's meter. She asked if he would mind if she tried to write it up into a song. He was happy for her to do so. Shortly after this, Lesley had a huge number of difficulties to deal with and lost her singing voice too, so all crumpled scraps of manuscript paper were filed away along with her instruments. But recently she discovered this small scrap of manuscript, and wanted to share the 'song' on here. Though, owing to her permanent lack of voice and lack of practice on the guitar, we've only included a spoken tribute to Peter's poem. But you do get a good feel for the powerful words, which could almost have been written 100 years ago.

Peter's Books

We are proud to announce that Peter's books are now available in our store:

The Loves of a Liverpool Lad

Light Reading: Poetry

Light Reading: A Book of Short Stories, Vol 1

Light Reading: A Book of Short Stories, Vol 2

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