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Write You Are is a small and extremely friendly writing group who meet each Tuesday morning from 10-12 in a meeting room at St John's Methodist Church, Horwich.


We've been meeting there since our creation in January 2015. Prior to this, many of us knew each other through another writing group, or through the local community.


Our sessions vary enormously in content. Often a group member will volunteer to run a session on a subject both of interest to them, and potentially of interest to the rest of the group. These subject areas can range from poetry styles to concepts (colour, body image) to writing techniques - writing a character etc.


We are a small group who have a maximum of around 12 loyal members, and many of us feel that the group is like family to us. We pay room fees of £3 each per session, which pays for the room and goes into the kitty for supplies of drinks and biscuits.


Whether we have a specific session booked or not, we do usually have a voluntary homework assignment to produce, and then we read this out in the group. We do not have to stick to the assignment if there's something else we've been working on and would like to share.

Recent assignments have included:

1) You have a duty to keep healthy. Consider this.

2) Write on the subject of a selected proverb.

3) Select a colour and let your imagination run riot!

4) Write about a missed chance.

5) Write a piece of flash fiction using a different letter of the alphabet for each sentence, starting at A and going through to Z.

Members also enjoy reading serialised work, and look forward to hearing the weekly instalments of their creative group members. The group's first books, 'Time'. '...And Tide' and ‘Another Time’ were among Scott Martin Productions' first three publications.

All three titles are available at a massive multibuy discount here.

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