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What we are and what we want to be …….

We see ourselves primarily as a writers’ support and self-help group. To this end we provide an audience for, and constructive criticism of, each other’s work.


We provide practical help by editing each other’s pieces when asked.


Where we feel that the group cannot provide an area of expertise and that outside inputs would benefit the group and its members, we can bring in guest speakers e.g. on writing screenplays. We share ideas and information about promotion and marketing.


We hope, as we grow, to promote the group, its individual members and their work both locally and to a wider audience.


Part of this strategy is to generate, and assist in the publication of, anthologies and collections that showcase the work of our members both collectively and individually.

We are a broad group, encompassing poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction. We value the ways in which the different writing modes can invigorate each other. We act as an independent, autonomous group. We do not have a ‘group leader’ who determines our activities. Instead our forward programme (and the expenditure and funding that it requires) is determined at meetings of the whole group at which every member has an equal voice.

We meet in “Brewed Coffee”, a coffee shop in Horwich, outside Bolton, every Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.


Whilst, one of the issues we shall have to face as we grow is whether to limit the size of the group to ensure that each and every member gets sufficient space to develop and grow, at present we welcome new members to our weekly get-togethers.