Lesley Atherton on Enjoy Radio

"Totally Loved it! Thank you" - JG

"A very, very interesting show" - LL

“The show was great. I got to hear the replay and I love how Marvin Gaye was  attached to my words. That was the perfect combination. Thank you so much. Even my sister called to tell me how good it was😆. Till the next time be well and stay safe” - TB

"I've been catching up on your show its always  really varied and good found particularly moving the one you did about dementia. The guy you had on was so positive and I think that sort of  gets  you to better places in itself like an emotional hovercraft. Great to be involved in as many things as possible." - SF

Not Good Enough.jpg

"Wow that is so cool once again girl thanks for the slots" - AG

"Great show, loved the League of Gentleman sketch. The darkest humour ever. Thanks again" - RE