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The Little Book Of Broccoli (Doodles About Life Around A Rare Genetic Condition)


Annie Woods ought to have reminded herself that life has the potential to be full of twists, turns and surprises, when, in 2020, she gave up her career to focus 24/7 (literally!) on her daughter, Hannah. She began doodling illustrations in her spare time, and 'The (Little) Book of Broccoli' was born!


In it she shares some of her journey and personal experiences (some are light-hearted, some are good, and some not so much).


It is an authentic and powerful glimpse into how Annie’s life has been enriched by living with and loving an extra-ordinary, broccoli-loving child, who happens to have Cornelia de Lange Syndrome.

Passionate (well, slightly obsessive, really) about raising awareness of this rare genetic condition, Annie hopes this book will go some way in doing so (until she gets the time to finish The Big Book of Broccoli).

PS: Whilst this isn’t a culinary book, she does make rather an excellent broccoli and stilton soup if you’d like her recipe.


Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!

annie woods says

"I asked myself why her? Why us? Well, it’s simple.  It has to happen to someone.  So why not us?" 


"Never say never…ever. Hannah may have challenges both now and for the rest of her life.  However, there are times when she’s defied her harshest critics…the ones who speculated and literally wrote her off.  No-one can predict the future." 


"People sometimes say to me “I don’t know how you do it” i.e. care for a child with profound additional challenges.  My answer?  It’s simple:  She’s my girl…and I love her." 


"We life a different life than originally anticipated…and yes, it’s different…very different…but certainly not less." 


"I’m so lucky to have the greatest teacher.  She’s unwittingly taught me many things – including how precious life is and all about unconditional love."  


"She may have a rare genetic condition – one that throws many challenges her way – however, this child has experienced things many other non-disabled people will never do in their lifetime.  This girl CAN…she just needs some help to achieve things."


"Looking back at old photos reminds me that things may not have been easy.  Sometimes it’s been incredibly scary and heart-breaking too.  But those smiles…oh, those smiles…remind me that there has been lots and lots of fun along the way too." 


"My life turned upside down when Hannah came along.  However, she’s helped me see life through a different lens – a life that’s far more colourful." 


"I’m so proud of her!  Although ever so slightly less so when she played Mary in the school Nativity and threw baby Jesus on the floor… and also opened ALL of his presents from the three Kings #cringe"  

"She certainly makes life more interesting…that’s for sure!" 


"I was told she’d be non-verbal… that there was a timescale for her talking.  And, oh, how wrong they were!  Whilst those words have been few and far between, I have heard her voice… and IT. IS.  BEAUTIFUL! "


"We vowed… even if her first word was an expletive… we would put it on a cake and celebrate like CRAZY! (it wasn’t an expletive, btw)"

"When Hannah was first diagnosed, I thought I’d never laugh again…or smile… or breathe out.  I thought our lives, now so inextricably linked, were over.  I was wrong.  Our lives weren’t over.  Not by any means!" 


"For any new parents just starting out on their own journey, I’d say find your Tribe – the ones who completely ‘get’ it; the people who’ve begun their journey prior to yours.  Don’t compare your poppet to any other child – we are all gloriously unique.  Take one day at a time…or one hour at a time, if necessary. Get help.  Breathe! Celebrate those glorious achievements." 


"They say “small steps matter”.  Let me tell you; in our world they aren’t small. They’re HUGE achievements that could take years and years of practice, tenacity and patience.  But when they come... Oh, they are MAGNIFICENT!" 


"If you’ve met one person with Cornelia de Lange syndrome, or in fact, any other genetic condition or disability… you’ve done just that – met ONE person."