"Thank you, thank you for a wonderful show! The music too was a delight!"

"Fantastic show! Totally loved it! Thank you hugely!"

Thank you for an amazing edition! Thank you so much!

Loved it!

Thank you for a wonderful edition of Words and Music! 💓💓💓

"The lady on your show is brilliant I love listening to intelligent people I think your show has gone to another level in the last few weeks"

"It was a very enjoyable show"

"It was dreamy.... An absolute pleasure! Up in the mountains, under a huge pine tree, my daughter and I and the doggo we listen to your wonderful show!"

"One of the 37 reasons why I love you, my favourite international radio presenter"

"You did a great job"

"Just heard your poem about being bullied and thought it was great 👍👍👍❤ Great programme" - HG

"How can the owner of the most gentle voice in the world, be into such godawful and loud music? Seriously, though, loved MAYHEM!"

"I'm not afraid to say how much I enjoy this programme. Lots of poems and an insane variety of music. And you've got a cheeky personality and a contagious giggle. Will get brave one day and send something in for you to read... or maybe not. Love the show."

"I so enjoyed listening today. Lovely emotional show."

"That was a great show, Lesley. Thanks very much! So lovely to hear all that poetry. xx"

"You're very good and an asset to the station"

"It was great to hear such a quirky selection of music. Big ups!"

"Good show thus far... Really enjoying it! That was very strange, and very lovely... thank you... Never heard anything of mine read by someone else... Bit emotional, in a good way" - DGJ

"Fantastic show today. Absolutely loved it."

"That was a great show Lesley, thanks very much! So lovely to hear all that poetry Xx" - LP

"Keep me in the loop! Busy writing a novel but love your programme."

"Brilliant, thank you" - BH

"Thanks so much for this wonderful show!"

"Awesome!.... Awesome edition! Sheer delight! "

"Another great show, girl"- GUP

“Awesome edition! Thank you so warmly!" - JUL

"Hi Lesley, just to say thanks for including me in your shows it makes me smile all day knowing my stuffs being heard by  new people. it shifts my cynical side too cos I do think even in this weirdest time the majority of people are trying to pull together and that's wonderful, no matter what's going on" - SF

"Thanks so much for the airplay Lesley x" - ST 

"Wow that is so cool once again girl thanks for the slots" - AG

"I've been catching up on your show its always  really varied and good found particularly moving the one you did about dementia. The guy you had on was so positive and I think that sort of  gets  you to better places in itself like an emotional hovercraft. Great to be involved in as many things as possible." - SF

"I am just listening to the Wednesday programme and I didn’t know what I have been missing! It’s a great opportunity for authors so thank you." - LS

"Your shows are great.  Enjoy💐🌸🍀🌸🍀🌸💐" - CF

"Thank you Lesley.
Lovely Lesley from enjoyradio.
You've helped me a lot" - Carol

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"I've just heard the 'Crooners' edition of Words and Music on catch-up. 

What an absolutely amazing selection of music and poetry. I'm not the world's keenest fan of crooners but today's selection was very easy on the ear. I found the poetry today especially powerful and I felt humbled and privileged to have my own efforts included in such exalted company.

All in all an exceptional show"

"Absolutely Fantastic, Thank You, Thank You" IU

"I can't wait for today's show!" - Iulia

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It was a great show and thank you for playing our music on the show. It is much appreciated.  Many thanks for your support - KD

"Loved your show. Very well done. Please advise this numbskull how to send a recording to you. X" - PMAC

You tell the nicest lies 😂😂- LT

"You read 'Rain Forest' so well today. I hardly recognised it as mine. You are wonderful. Thank you" - Peter

"Lovely choice of songs, Lesley enjoyed your show very much." - GM

"Thank you so much!  It was amazing!  The entire show is wonderful!  Perfect match with the music! Thank you, Lesley! " - I

Very interesting edition! So many points of view on this topic! Love it!!!" - IUL 

"Thanks once again for the slots you have done me proud" - AL

"Great show this week, loved the music, and the words of course" - HG

"You can certainly be proud of a great radio show... My sister texted during the programme to say how fab it was as did a couple of friends... You brought some (not inconsiderable) joy into some lives this respect to you"

You do a great show.

Interesting interview. Good mix of chat and music .👠👠

Thank you so much - again - for using one of my pieces on the show. It's nice to know that other people will be enjoying what I write.

"Fantastic Lesley💛🇫🇷💛"

"Absolutely perfect pronunciation! A sheer pleasure the entire show! Thank you hugely!"

"Great show, Lesley. Loved the Sylvia Plath read by Sylvia... great music. As always so well put together." HG

"Uncle Jim was impressed with your radio show!" - IG

"It sounded fantastic. Thank you so much... (my parents) will have been in tears when Rod Stewart came on"

"Thanks for your show and for having played some of my songs." - MC

"Thank you Lesley⭐🍀⭐"

"Your show last night sounded very professional... shame most of the music was sh*te!!" - from someone who doesn't like metal music but who listened to a metal show!

"I notice your reading has slowed and is more measured than it used to be and your voice works well on the airwaves. Hope it happens for you" - PM

"Your shows are all well put together and I can tell how much time and effort you put into them by the fantastic results you always come up with" - JC

"Well done on a terrific show"

"Thank you for believing in me and believing in my work. It all comes from the heart x"

"We loved it. Thanks so much" - AB

"Thank you for telling me about this programme as it is real gem for writers and I now enjoy listening to it." - LS

"A great show."

"Looking forward to it girl ❤ the show"

"Stevie Wayne in The Fog - that's what we both said!"

"Good work on the radio... you have the natural voice and persona for it!"

"I loved the way you presented my poem all that you love it truly moved me thank you girl ❤️" - Guppyman

"Thanks so much Lesley, I downloaded last week’s and its nice to feel useful and keep momentum for next  after-covid plans. I think you have a nice Radio voice too. I'd  be dead biased if I did radio, just telling Alan Partridge jokes and playing only The Jam and soul music. Have a good day." - SHA

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“Thank you, Lesley! The entire show was great! Soothing and refreshing all together!!! Can't wait for next week, for the intellectual carols! ♥️" - IU

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"Great show, loved the League of Gentleman sketch. The darkest humour ever. Thanks again" - RE

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"Just a line to how I enjoyed the show today and thanks for the plug. That aside it was good to hear of other writers and their work. I think it added an extra dimension to the show." - PF

"It was fabulous! The entire show, pitch perfect! My poem read on the intro, artistry! Thank you hugely!!!" - IUG 

"Thanks for your help and also the amazing introduction on yesterday's show" - RE.

"I loved your show  both the words and music were great especially the story by Samantha Turner X" - SJ

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"It was splendid! Awesome edition! Thank you so much!" 

"Awesome, thanks!" - SS

"I like hearing other voices perform my poems and I'm sure your listeners don't get sick of hearing you" - BE​

"Most inspiring and engaging!"

"It was amazing! Mood and soul uplifting! Thank you so warmly!" - IUL

"I loved the way you presented my poem all that you love it truly moved me thank you girl ❤️" - Guppyman

"What a brave woman you are - I thought the use of 'bugger' and 'piss' would be frowned upon, on the radio... You have such a lovely voice, so soft and warm that I think it will have more impact if you read it." - MT 

"Congratulations on another great show. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of it. I loved Sally with her work... Very well done!" - PE

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"Was able to listen in today. Well done Lesley Atherton International xxx"

Brilliant show x

For anyone who missed it - and would like to listen! - here's the interview that was broadcast (narrowcast?) on Enjoy Radio today. I was interviewed by the delightful Lesley Atherton who is a fine radio host. The interview starts at 29 mins (ish) and is long. I really enjoyed chatting to Lesley and contemplating music and writing. Enjoy (radio)!

Thanks so much for inviting me on to your author's hour. I really enjoyed talking with you and enjoyed listening to the programme yesterday.
Wishing you continued success with this excellent and innovative programme.

"Really look forward. I won't be able to listen to it live this week but will listen to the recording, especially as I believe my friend Helen Whitton is the author being interviewed this week. 😊"

"Wow! What a brilliant lineup!!"

"Wow! I have just listened to The Author Hour.I am delighted it. What a fantastic job you did putting it together! It will be lovely to keep and I hadn’t realised that I had said so much. I wasn’t able to listen live as I was too busy helping a 91 year old hairdresser…..! Thank you so much and I will keep listening!" - LS

"I really enjoy your programme... your voice is so melodic and I feel totally chilled. That's my Sunday morning listening now..." - LS

"Well done on a terrific show" - TFMC

"Huge thanks! Totally taken by surprise cause my write was more of a confession than a poem so it seemed right to be left out... Once again, my warmest gratitude!"

"Thank you, Lesley! We are awesome together!"

"Can't wait! 💓"

"I loved that. I wanted to hear more. I found the sarcasm so funny"

"Loving tonight's show. It's a treat listening." - BJO

"Incredibly sensible! But really good..."

"Very eclectic and enjoyable show..." - M

"I am in total admiration of what you do on a daily basis and what you have achieved in life"

"Splendid. Totally enjoyed it."

"I'll listen tonight with the fire on and a brew. Bliss!"

"A sheer delight! Thank you!!! Awesome in every digit of it!!!"

"Thanks Lesley Means a lot x" - ST

"You have a good ethos and lots of talented wordsmiths aboard!" - BJAL

"Fab show tonight. It does sound like you have fun making it"

"Very interesting edition! So many points of view on this topic! Love it!!!" - IUL 

"Well, yet another surreal experience! I've just heard the show on catch up. I heard some live while at work delivering for a local pharmacy but then lost the signal and besides, I was driving around grinning like an idiot. Thanks for the kind comments and the book plug. It was really good to hear To The Driving Cloud, I think it sums up the interactions involved with the colonisation of the 'new' world. Thanks also for the opportunity to take over your show, that was radio I thoroughly enjoyed." - PF

"Thank you once again! I will send you more poems! Your show is a breath of fresh air!" - IUG

"Thank you so much, wow how amazing is it to hear your own work read out on the radio, well read by the way." - MS

"I listened to your last programme, very comprehensive in its presentation" - DH

“The show was great. I got to hear the replay and I love how Marvin Gaye was  attached to my words. That was the perfect combination. Thank you so much. Even my sister called to tell me how good it was😆. Till the next time be well and stay safe” - TB

"Thank you so warmly! Can't wait for Wednesday!"

"You are so kind, many thanks" - RIC

"I enjoyed the show and think it is getting better with each show! - SAL

"Very good show Lesley-  I enjoyed listening to that :) I had not realised that so much of it would be me. I hope your listeners liked it. Thank you." - JL

"Totally loved it! Awesome edition, Lesley! Can't thank you enough!" 

"That's Brilliant" - MB

"It was truly inspiring. Thank you so, so much!" GG

"I often wonder how you find the time to do everything you do. I'd like to thank you for all your support and help particularly with your radio show" - Lynne

"Your show's brilliant" LYN

"It was absolutely fantastic! A real balmy treat for my heart and soul! "

"Sending love and a big hug"

"How Brilliant" - HG

"You're helping and encouraging me. It is building my confidence" -.🙂RI

"A gem of a show, Lesley! Fantastic! Thank you sooo much!" 

"I’ve just listened to recorded show and it was great; what a lovely show" - HG

"Thank you famous radio presenter for reading my work again. One of my least notable I felt, but you must have liked it, which I appreciate." - P

"In my humble opinion this is the best show that you have done. Great Songs" - LES

"Superb edition, music and verse! Thank you, quite a privilege!" - JUL

"Just got up early to listen to you live. Nice job with my little piece. Good choice of tunes to match the theme." - EA

"Once again thanks for the slot girl. Loved it" - GUP

"I listened to your show girl you done me  proud thank you" - G