"So beautiful! A great edition! Thank you so, so much! Words and Music, Music and words splendidly blending together! " - IUL

"Lovely choice of songs, Lesley enjoyed your show very much." - GM

"In my humble opinion this is the best show that you have done. Great Songs" - LES

"Congratulations on another great show. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of it. I loved Sally with her work... Very well done!" -PE

"It was amazing! Mood and soul uplifting! Thank you so warmly!" - IUL


"I listened to your show girl you done me  proud thank you" - G

"Thank you so much!  It was amazing!  The entire show is wonderful!  Perfect match with the music! Thank you, Lesley! " - I

"Superb edition, music and verse! Thank you, quite a privilege!" - JUL

"An excellent show today. Well planned and presented. Sensitive and right on point for the occasion" - AN

"You read 'Rain Forest' so well today. I hardly recognised it as mine. You are wonderful. Thank you" - Peter

Very interesting edition! So many points of view on this topic! Love it!!!" - IUL 

"Just got up early to listen to you live. Nice job with my little piece. Good choice of tunes to match the theme." - EA

"It was delightful! For the first time in a long period, I walked on the street, sun in my eyes and your show in my ears... Such joy!" - JG

"What a brave woman you are - I thought the use of 'bugger' and 'piss' would be frowned upon, on the radio... You have such a lovely voice, so soft and warm that I think it will have more impact if you read it." - MT 

"I will totally listen! I set my alarm on! Thank you so much, Lesley!!! A wonderful spring, I wish to you!" - Anon

"Thanks once again for the slots you have done me proud" - AL

"Once again thanks for the slot girl. Loved it" - GUP

"Excellent show, my dear. I like the inclusion of background music. Thank you for including me. Xxxx" - PM

"I loved the way you presented my poem all that you love it truly moved me thank you girl ❤️" - Guppyman

"Loved your show. Very well done. Please advise this numbskull how to send a recording to you. X" - PMAC

"Thank you famous radio presenter for reading my work again. One of my least notable I felt, but you must have liked it, which I appreciate." - P

You tell the nicest lies 😂😂- LT

"I’ve just listened to recorded show and it was great; what a lovely show" - HG

"A gem of a show, Lesley! Fantastic! Thank you sooo much!" 

"It was a great show and thank you for playing our music on the show it is much appreciated" - KD