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Lesley's Radio Shows

"Thank you once again! I will send you more poems! Your show is a breath of fresh air!" - IUG

Lesley Atherton's Readings

"Thanks Lesley, the programme was excellent. Haven't heard it before. Will look forward to hearing the rest later. when you have uploaded it All best wishes" - HW

"Awesome edition! Thank you so warmly!" - JUL

"Well, yet another sureal experience! I've just heard the show on catch up. I heard some live while at work delivering for a local pharmacy but then lost the signal and besides, I was driving around grinning like an idiot. Thanks for the kind comments and the book plug. It was really good to hear To The Driving Cloud, I think it sums up the interactions involved with the colonisation of the 'new' world. Thanks also for the opportunity to take over your show, that was radio I thoroughly enjoyed." - PF

"Thanks so much Lesley, I downloaded last weeks and its nice to feel useful and keep momentum for next  after-covid plans. I think you have a nice Radio voice too. I'd  be dead biased if I did radio, just telling Alan Partridge jokes and playing only The Jam and soul music. Have a good day." - SHA

"Another great show, girl"- GUP

"Thanks once again for the slots you have done me proud" - AL

Very interesting edition! So many points of view on this topic! Love it!!!" - IUL 

"I loved the way you presented my poem all that you love it truly moved me thank you girl ❤️" - Guppyman

"In my humble opinion this is the best show that you have done. Great Songs" - LES