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Criminal Cases and The Pathologist's Skill – Read More!

In this work, the reader is taken on a sequential journey of discovery into the fascinating world of forensic pathology, with no previous knowledge of the subject being required. Beginning with the initial discovery of a body, the reader experiences the processes that involve the forensic pathologist, from the initial examination and identification of the deceased through to the final autopsy. At each stage, the reader will be introduced to practical applications of the pathologist's skills and techniques. Past criminal cases will be introduced to demonstrate the variety of scenarios where the assistance of the forensic pathologist is vital.

The overall aim of this work is to provide the reader with a fascinating insight into the largely unseen involvement of the forensic pathologist in the investigation of death, particularly when the circumstances involve criminal activity, and how the cause of death is reached in a variety of cases.

The manner and causes of death are discussed in some detail covering the main areas of injury.  A glossary of medical terminology is provided to aid explanation of the various terms used in the text. The work concludes with a bibliography to enable the reader to pursue their own research in those areas they find of particular interest.

Dr David Holding studied history at Manchester University before entering the teaching profession in the 1970s. He taught in both state and independent sectors. During this time, he continued historical research culminating in both a Master's degree and a Doctorate. Having previously studied law, David gained a Master of Law degree in Medical Law, which enabled him to transfer to teaching legal courses at university. Since retiring, David has concentrated his research and writing on various aspects of local history, legal trials, forensic science and medico-legal topics.

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