07/04/21 - Words and Music Playlist - The Demon Drink

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Cigarettes and Alcohol – Oasis

Blame It (On the Alcohol) – Glee Cast

Johnny Vegas - 8 0ut of 10 Cats Does Countdown – poem

Drunken Serenade Inc the Banshee Reel – Merry Hell

Hangover – Bernard Young

The Demon Drink – Guppyman

Reasons I Drink – Alanis Morissette

Liquid Choices – Ed Ahern

My Alcoholic Friends – The Dresden Dolls

Everyone Sang – Siegfried Sassoon

Tobacco and Whiskey - Sean Taylor

Alcohol – Brad Paisley

Creamy Dream – Peter McGeehan

He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven – WB Yeats

Cherry Wine – Hozier

I Know I’ve Had Enough – Brendan Hawthorne

Nettle Wine – Ralph McTell

Alcoholic – Starsailor

Individuality – Julia Wilson

Mitchell and Webb sketch on being ever so slightly drunk

Pick Your Poison – Nego True

Alcohol – The Kinks

Addiction – Richard Easton

Skid Row Wine – Jack Kerouac read by Ian Dury

Mix ‘Em With Whiskey – Larry Fleet

I Like Girls That Drink Beer – Toby Keith

In the Early Hours – Bernard Young

Ode on a Danish Lager – Roger McGough

Two Pints of Lager – Splodgenessabounds

In the Morning – The Coral

Demons Drink Too – Iulia Gherghei

Milk and Alcohol – Dr Feelgood

Lines on Ale – Edgar Allen Poe

Tequila – Terrorvision

Welcoming John Barleycorn – Peter Foster

Escape (The Pina Colada Song) – Rupert Holmes

The Mayor of Casterbridge – Ralph Vaughan Williams

I Could Drink a Case of You – Kimberley Dark

Alcoholiday – Teenage Fanclub

A Poem in Which the Word Alcohol is Replaced by Survival – Valin Paige

Asylum – Mirage

Obsession – September Stories

I Love You Like an Alcoholic – The Taxpayers

Alcohol – The Holloways

Guzzunder – Malcolm Timms

Alcohol – Gogol Bordello

Follerin a Nice Night Out – Brendan Hawthorne

Rules for the Functioning Alcoholic – Shane Hawley

Angels and Alcohol – Alan Jackson

Alcohol – Purple Americano

Dear Alcohol, My First Love – Leah Ayliffe from PoemHunter

The Suicide Kid – Charles Bukowski

Dave Allen sketchAlcohol – The Specials

A Cop in Custody – Richard Easton

Sir Ian McKellen – Make Your Soul Grow – by Kurt Vonnegut

Tubthumping – Chumbawamba

A Cat Walks into a Bar – Pat Laurie