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poem: for corm

For my beloved Cormac on his eighth birthday:

The day has come when now you're eight. I can't believe it's true. Is Cormy really eight years old? Is mummy eight years older too!?

Sometimes I look at you at night While you are sound asleep. I'll stroke your hair and kiss your cheek. I'll hear the sighs as you breathe deep.

And can't believe I'm fortunate, So fortunate that you are here, You give great joy, you make me smile, You make me shed a happy tear.

Cormac - clever, awesome Corms, I send such love your way. Lots of kisses, lots of cuddles, Harry Potter, witches, muggles...

Yoda, Indiana, Hellboy, Spiderman and others All these friends say happy birthday To the world's best brother...

And from the moment you wake up Until the time the day is done Your mummy will adore and hug And love the world's best son.

I love you more and more and more each day xxxxxxx. Love from Mummy xxxx

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