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writing group: 20 sentences on the subject of 'green'

  1. Sage, the grey-green herb, paired with the fresh apple green of crinkled parsley, makes an interesting addition to any amateur chef’s béchamel sauce.

  2. Pine scented malevolence crept through the house – a resin green tree-monster stalks, searching for Christmas prey.

  3. My dad’s shirt, a combination of grey and pale green stripes: just one of many similar grey green brown shirts hanging in the wardrobe.

  4. Look at her hair, I whispered, green with envy at the auburn waves, spreading like a mermaid’s tresses from their owner who sprawled on the water’s surface, basking beautifully.

  5. Emerald green, strong, almost without additional hues, the stone was perfect and would soon be mounted onto the most exquisite pendant: not cut, as such, more moulded into a shape of such peculiarity that it would quickly become the talk of the town.

  6. My child: a mucky creature with tousled hair, and a dull green candle of snot constantly oozing from his right nostril.

  7. Green grows the valley, apart from when the valley is black with a powder coating of coal dust, white with the snow of the most savage of winters, or blue with the low mood of the now- unemployed residents.

  8. My grey-green skin, the colour of Victorian, pea-souper mist, reflects my nausea to perfection.

  9. Eric the self-styled eco-warrior, supposedly green, never once recycled, used aerosols with abandon and never consumed anything that hadn’t been deep fried.

  10. Lime and magenta, the impulse-bought office curtains vividly glowed under fluorescent strip lighting: the impulse had been a bad one!

  11. Helena’s new purchase, a thigh length forest green waistcoat, went well with her black tasseled skirt and the Doc Martin boots – her new image was really coming together.

  12. Dave loved his new home, particularly the avocado bathroom suite and he vowed, single-handedly to bring back colourful bathroom furniture: white totally bored him.

  13. Khaki camo cargo pants, khaki camo jacket, khaki camo hat – Jon tried on almost every stock item in the army surplus shop, but couldn’t decide, so he purchased them all.

  14. “No peas, no pudding,” that was Martyn’s dinnertime mantra, and it was one we all noted.

  15. May Day dancing on the village green, was usually performed by boys and girls in clogged feet, leiderhosen and flower garland headbands – the tradition was particular to their tiny village.

  16. Blue bottle and green bottle, insects of great diversity took centre stage in the earth’s post-apocalyptic residential hierarchy.

  17. This place is the best for salads – look at the thirty shades of lettuce green on my plate.

  18. The plate’s dark green border was edged with gold too – Marilyn thought it was very classy, so she selected the box containing the new dinner service.

  19. Exasperated, Andrew could only find one green carpet in the shop, and that one was the wrong shade: snot green didn’t go with the rest of his décor.

  20. Barbara selected a mint green nightdress trimmed with crisp white lace – it was her favourite, and was most fitting to the occasion of a short hospital stay.

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