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writing group: the beginnings of an office romance

Jenny looked behind, over her shoulder, at the young man who had started work just that morning. At first it was a look of the most ordinary, perhaps nothing more than curiosity, but once she'd glanced at him the first time, she turned her entire body round to face her boss and her new, handsome colleague. All she knew of him was his name - Daniel Smith - which was ordinary enough, and the fact that he was anything other than ordinary.

In fact, the feeling her body gave her as she glimpsed him for the first time, was something she had never experienced in before in the whole of her 29 years. 29 years! She'd been single and lonely so long that it might as well have been 129 years.

But nobody at work suspected. She'd lied about having a boyfriend since she began work at Mallinson’s, and it had continued unabated ever since. On works nights out he was always "busy" or "working away" and her workmates seemed to accept it.

But as she saw Daniel, she felt compelled to not be single any longer. Her boss (their boss) Chrissie, called Jenny over when she noticed her glancing admiringly at Daniel. "Jenny, come and meet Dan". And Jenny didn't need any further encouragement.

As she walked over, she presented both Dan and Chrissie with her prettiest smile. Dan, with his shoulder length blonde, wavy hair seemed solid yet ethereal. As she drew closer she realised his eyes were chestnut brown, not the usual blue she'd associated with such Viking-like good looks. He had arms she longed to be held by. What on earth was she thinking of? He'd never even spoken to her and already she was fantasising about dates and hugs on the sofa and long late night walks.

Dan held out his hand. His nails were longer than she usually saw on a man, but she liked them. She liked the curves of their moons and the whiteness of the tips. But that wasn't what she was looking for: she was looking for the tell-tale signs of marriage on the blonde beauty's hands. She found no jewellery, with the exception of a single Celtic silver ring on his right hand middle finger. He may have been married though - she would have to discover that by taking a sneaky peek at his job application form at a later date, if she wasn't able to ask him about it in person.

Jenny realised that she had remained silent at their introduction and that Dan was still holding out his right hand to her. She reached to shake it and felt and incredible tingle as she did. Dan seemed visibly affected by their physical touch too, and she was reassured by that. Perhaps he was feeling about her what she was feeling about him?

He seemed as reluctant as she was to let go of their handshake.

Chrissie handed Jenny a folder of papers and said "OK, Jenny, find him a chair and train him up on the phone and email sytems. I'll be back in about an hour".

An hour, thought Jenny: a whole hour with Dan on her own would be such bliss!

But, despite his physical reaction to her, he didn't seem overwhelmed with the prospect. Poor guy was looking actually quite ill at the thought.

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