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Christmas Card Rhymes

I was asked to put together a few very simple Christmas card rhymes - with a Christian rather than a secular feel. These were what I came up with. Feel free to use them on your own Christmas cards, but do credit me!

This card is sent

This card is sent with tidings

True strength and joy it brings.

For there was born a Saviour,

For there was born a King.

Could he be my Saviour? Could he be yours too? The crying baby born that day Would grow to speak the Truth.

Could he be my Saviour? That boy, God’s gifted son? Yes – on that day, a boy was born Who would save everyone.

No room at the inn

No room at the inn,

But the stable was free. The first home of a boy

Who would soon die for me.

No room at the inn,

But God’s house isn’t there. So where is God’s house?

It is everywhere.

No room at the inn,

But my heart has room free.

And there’s room in the Church.

Both for you and for me.

A stabled lamb

An angel speaks

To shepherds, awed.

“A boy will come.

Your God. Your Lord.”

A stabled lamb.

A newborn boy.

Three wise men visit

Full of joy.

The son of God.

He has arrived.

To influence

So many lives.

A mother’s pride,

A father’s love.

A precious gift

From God above.

More than

More than - a baby born.

More than - a prophecy.

More than - God’s child on earth

More than - what eyes can see.

Love – how we live our lives.

Love - how we spend our days.

Love – how we talk to God.

Love - how we learn to pray.

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