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'I Loved a Coward' by Huda Tariq

Once there was a girl who loved a guy with all her heart and soul and he also replied the same as the days go by she following her heart at every step to make him realize and believe that she loves her too and he kind of believed her and she loved him so deep that there was no way going back but her lover seemed doubtful but was still there as a confused or maybe like a coward lover and he couldn't love her as she wanted to be loved .So the mystery starts from here the guy wanted to love but didn't seemed so and lack the courage but the girl is all gone and deep in love only dead could apart them.

On the other hand, one less lonely girl decided to approach him finally and expressed all that she had saved for so long to him and she did it like a warrior and there was no going back. This all happened because of the love and signs given by him and she was daring enough to text him first on his social media account as someone else just to test her love which she thought he could surely pass so she started a conversation on daily basis through online media not decided to meet yet and he also started talking with a flow.

After a few days, she finally asked him do you love anyone and he replied NO, not at all and it was the moment of her life she was shocked clears her throat and took a deep breath. She calmed herself by giving him another chance so with all new strength she told him the truth that who she really is and he replied with puzzled mind saying who are you? And acted like nothing really happened and ran away just like that such a cowardly dog and that was the day her life changed completely all the sweet memories, future building, fairy tales shattered while she was busy picking her pieces as he left her broken all alone in her castle of love but she was a big girl then she stood up ever so strong and build her castle ever so strong with all the guarded walls around and protection sheet ever so high so that no one reach her unless the deserved one.

She's now protected and relieved with no desired of love and to be loved as someone had spelled her heart to be filled with emptiness and nothingness. How someone turns the one into nothing and still not realizing the damage they have done to the one? Pity me - I loved a coward!

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