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Review of 'Caging the Stars' by David Jackson

27 short poems - and almost every one jumped off the page at me!

I’m a lapsed musician so ‘The Bass’ spoke to me, especially the final four lines, which I’m hoping David won’t mind me including here:

“Waiting to be plugged again into the amp that lies unused under the desk

On which the ever demanding presence of computer and phone

Deny a space to anything else

No room for music in my life these days.”

Sadly, I feel just the same. That’s what’s so good about simple but meaningful poetry. It can tell you what you thought you already knew, and can confirm what you didn’t realise mattered.

And, as a writer, it’s hard not to relate to the final two lines of ‘The Writing Room’ –

"So leave me here in my own little cell

Where sometimes it’s heaven and oft times it’s hell’

That’s what David Jackson’s writing is about. He’s one of those people who can express themselves succinctly and seemingly without effort. But David’s work isn’t all so introspective. Another poem, ‘Apologies to Les’ begins with the stanza –

"Two old ladies on a train

Were surprised by a man in the buff

One old lady had a stroke

But her friend wasn’t quick enough.”

Hilarious. I could write more. In fact, I could write more words about the poetry collection than are printed in the poetry collection! That’s what good poems do for you. They make you think and they force your brain to expand on that thinking. Thank you, David.

I definitely recommend you getting hold of a copy of this book, or have a look at David’s blog at:

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