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Review of 'Light Reading Poetry' by Peter McGeehan

Over 40 poems which vary from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The sublimity of, ‘The Swan’ – for example:

"Majestic, pure white vessel,

Gliding on silk waters…

They dance in unison,

The lifelong pair…

Blessed is the life they lead.

An example to us all!"

It seems only fair that I give an example also of the ridiculous. I love ‘The Link’ in which Peter tells us about a diverse selection of people, just so that he can tell us about them in the verse:

"Abby in Bangor,

Just singing a song.

Leslie in Swansea

In her boat ten feet long.

Abdul in Derby,

Driving his cab,

Paul Massey in Lincoln

Doing tests in his lab."

Peter’s prolificity is inspirational, and here in this diverse selection of poetry (as diverse a selection as were the people in ‘The Link’!) there is much depth as well as daftness. I particularly enjoyed the song-like quality of ‘The Kaiser’s Gun’. Also lovely was ‘Seaman’s Prayer’ – a poignant entreaty of a man struggling against the sea, to his God and those who might remember him in their prayers. Another prayer-related poem (‘I’m 13 Today’) appears on the opposite page and is no less heartfelt, though the subject matter is perhaps a little more shallow – a young man requesting a girlfriend who will be ‘cheap to take out’ as his ‘hormones are rushing’. Lovely.

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