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Tale of the Unexpected Beginning

Consider this as a beginning or inspiration for your writing:

It was obvious that we were lost. There must have been a turn taken wrongly somewhere, probably not so long ago. I know we started out in the right direction when we left the gig. The Clash. Best gig I've seen in forever. Plenty of power and energy. I suppose we just talked a bit too much.

Inside the buildings we passed were traces of shut down daytime life: a brief glimpse into the orthodontist's' waiting room. Empty and pot-planted, it was almost possible to smell the dental amalgam and hear the buzz of the drill.

My senses were clearly heightened, and I knew precisely why. I glanced at Lawrence, my new boyfriend, proudly. He was seriously gorgeous and I couldn't wait to get him home. But which direction to go in? I wasn’t sure I wanted to waste valuable loving time here on the street. ‘I used to get my braces done there,’ he said, without much interest. ‘But I’m sure it used to be one the other side of town, up near the cathedral... It’s weird how memory plays tricks when you've had a few beers!’

‘A few gallons!’ I laughed. He stumbled a bit against me, as if proving my point.

‘Shall we turn back, retrace our steps?’ he asked. I could tell he wanted to.

But I've always been a bit of a trailblazer.

My first thought was ‘Hell no, let's see what's down this street’.

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