21/04/21 - Words and Music Playlist - Spring

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Wake Up Boo! - The Boo Radleys

Snowdrops/Birth - Maddy Prior

A Pang is More Conspicuous in Spring – Emily Dickinson

Another Kind of Spring – Iulia Gherghei

Snowdrops in the Rain – Ivan Drever

Crocus - Ani DiFranco

Spring 2020. Covid 19 – Harriet Grace

The Thaw – Biffy Clyro

I Have a Bird in Spring – Emily Dickinson

In the Green and Gallant Spring – Robert Louis Stevenson

A Song About Spring – Collette Andrea

April from Tales from the Plots – David Jackson

Jerkin' Crocus - Mott the Hoople

Extract from The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff

Spring – Ridgeview

Emerging Buds - Astral Realm

To Spring – William Blake – read by Richard Mitchley

Home Thoughts from Abroad – Robert Browning

Seven Daffodils – Joni Mitchell

Spring – Alfred Lord Tennyson

Whiskey and Daffodils - Dave Giles

A Red, Red Rose – Robert Burns

Daffodils – Foals

Spring is Like a Perhaps Hand – ee cummings

A Wet Day in May – Richard Easton

Everyone Sang – Siegfried Sassoon

Your Mountain – Samantha Turner

China in Your Hand – T’Pau

Daffodils – William Wordsworth

Sweet Spring is Your – ee cummings

Chi Mai – Ennio Morricone

A Spring Poem from Bion – Eugene Field

Lines Written in Early Spring – William Wordsworth

A Light Exists in Spring – Emily Dickinson

Bright Night Flowers – Jon Fratelli

Dreams of Summer – Paul Francis Clugston

Judy and the Dream of Horses – Belle and Sebastian

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love – Christopher Marlowe

You’re the Spring in My Onion – Bernard Young

The Seasons - Op 37b April - Tchaikovsky

Spring – Jackie Hutchinson

The Sparrow Nest – Ed Ahern

April in Paris – Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

Spring – Philip Larkin

Coffee in the Garden – Samantha Turner

Tulips from Amsterdam - Max Bygraves

Tip Toe Thru' the Tulips With Me - Tiny Tim

Spring in E Major from The Four Seasons

One Day – Jenny Dean

Coney Island – Van Morrison

Darling Buds of May - Viva Brother

These. I Singing in Spring – Walt Whitman

Fields of Gold – Piano version

Emergence – Peter Foster

Spring Strains – Ezra Pound

Day Like Today – So It Goes

Primrose - Kwaku Asante

Season – Jackie Hutchinson

It is Like this Spring Washed Away My Brain – Iulia Gherghei

The Only One – Billy Bragg

Holding On – Tracey Chattaway

Waiting for the Train in Gospel Oak on an Early Spring Morning – Harriet Grace

Spring & Fall – Gerard Manley Hopkins

Spring Aroma – Ed Ahern

A Walk in the Spring – Guppyman

Perfect – Seth Luke

On a Lane in Spring – John Glen

Ode on the Spring – Thomas Grey

Buds on Trees in Springtime - Dean Evenson, Li Xiangting

The First Bumblebee – Richard Easton

Before You Thought of Spring – Emily Dickinson

Spring Morning – AE Housman

Very Early Spring – Katherine Mansfield

Garden – Jackie Hutchinson

Picnic – Jackie Hutchinson

Spring Time – Chemeca Grant

Where I Find God – Larry Fleet

Ice Out – Ed Ahern

White Crosses – Iulia Gherghei

One Way – Levellers

Dive to Destiny – Lynne Taylor