23/06/21 - Words and Music Playlist - Industrial Heritage #2

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Steel Mill Rendesvouz – Mitch Murder

Industrial Heritage – Sally James

Into the Steel Mill – Terminator

Making Steel – Steel Workers Music

Out of the Steel Works – AK Patterson

Summer Interlude – Ed Ahern

Fleetwood – Frank Gibson

We Poor Labouring Men – Ewan MacColl

Jerusalem – Edward Elgar

Old Man of the Factory – Brendan Hawthorne

Lancashire Factory Girl – Faustus

I Stand and Stare – Malcolm Timms

To Be A Poet – Guppyman

Cotton Mill Girls – Hedy West

Homeward Bound – Simon and Garfunkel

Horwich Bound – Malcolm Timms

Canal Fest 2016 – Peter Foster

Poverty Knock – Houghton Weavers

Hard Times – Gillian Welch

Author, Can You Give Books For Free – Sahaj Sabharwal

Angels of the North – Richard Easton

She’s a Lassie From Lancashire – Charlie Kunz

Interview with John Little 1

Coal Creek March, Pay Day at Coal Creek & Roll Down the Line – Pete Seeger

Interview with John Little 2

Modern Times – Jfive – Charlie Chaplain

Interview with John Little 3

Feather on the Clyde – Passenger

A Black Country Poem – Les Latham

My Young Man – Kate Rusby

Interview with John Little 4

Only Me and My Hairdresser Know – Kitty Wells

Hair – Lady Gaga

Shampoo and Set, 75 Years as a Hairdresser – Linda Sherlock

The Garden is Becoming a Robe Room – Michael Nyman

Coal – Sheila Farrow

Styal Mill Has Style – Carol Ferguson

Shake Rattle and Roll – Elvis Presley

Openshaw Cotton Mill – Norman MacNamara

England’s Glory – Penny Taylor

Industrial Dreams – Mark Sharman

Clay Pipe Making in Bolton 1930-1940 – David Jackson

Clay Pipe – Nessa Music

Clay Pipe, Sandy M’Gaff, The Champion – Jigs by Joe Cormier

In the Factory – Morris Rosenfeld – extra reading