24/02/21 - Words and Music Playlist - Tech Smart

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Together in Electric Dreams – Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder

Guppyman poem

In Love With a Camera – Struts

Opportunity Falls – from Poems of the Camera Eye website

Digital Watch – Guitartastic

Silicon Heaven – Red Dwarf

Tangled Wires – APB

Wires – Cam – from Hello Poetry

Radio – Busted

Radio Love Poem – Alison Townsend

Circuit Boards – Thierry Caroubi

Let’s Pretend – Peter Foster

Satellite Dish – Mighty Diamonds

Photoshopping my Sister’s Mugshot – Andrea Gibson

Ride my Bike Electric – Cliff Barnes

Video Games – Lana Del Ray

Subwoofer – Minecraft

Computers – Shaun Fallows

The World is so Difficult to Give Up – David Ignatow

I Found an Ipod – Eugene Mirman

Record Store – Lucas Kurmis

Computer Love – Kraftwerk

If a Computer – Michael Rosen

Me and My Computer – Lynn Swago

I Need to Learn a Computer One Way - Caren Krutsinger

New Earbuds – Its Snakes

Computers – Walt Perryman

Laptop – Jonathan Bree

Computers – Pam Ayres

I Should Have Read the Instructions – Lesley Atherton

Phone Call - from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

He's on the Phone - St Etienne

Touch-Tone Telephone - Lemon Demon

Flatscreen TV – Ernie Dewing

Paranoid Android – Radiohead

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity – Prince Ea

Beginnning of Television poem by Roald Dahl

Sound and Vision – David Bowie

Smart Tech is Insulting - Byron Trimble

Screen Time – Trex

Smart Times – Richard Easton

Mobile Phone - Moreish Idols

Tech Smart – Samantha Turner

Ballade of Indignation – Gait White

Computer Age – Neil Young

Growing a Gap – Iulia Gherghei

Touchscreen poem – Marshall Soulful Davis

Smart Technology - Boutique Master

Computer Illiterate – Sally James

Fingertips on Keys- Tanner Olson

White Town - Your Woman

Video Killed the Radio Star – Buggles