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Featured on Radio - Stuck Inside (Lockdown)

On Words and Music episode 002

Stuck inside the house for too long

Isolation’s such a wrench.

Jane set out to empty cupboards,

Piled things on the kitchen bench.

Doughnut maker, smoothie shaker.

Treats she’d hidden from the kids.

Waffle toaster, turkey roaster

And teet’ring piles of plastic lids.

Pancake maker, fruit core taker

Carving knife that won’t cut straight.

Omelette maker, doughnut baker.

Most would share their dustbin fate.

Jane sighed with shock at stuff uncovered

Grimaced down at dust and grime.

Then piles they tumbled from her cupboards

Cascading, clattering, clashing time

She scans her kitchen panorama

Sighs again then walks away.

She pours her wine, puts on pyjamas

Can clear it up another day!


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