Tranquil Night Dream by Young Poet Sahaj Sabharwal

20th July 2019

Scott Martin Productions are once again proud to present the words of this young Indian poet.

Sahaj Sabharwal lives in Jammu city, Jammu and Kashmir, India.

He is only 17 years old and currently still a student, yet he has found enough time to carve out his creative writing and build a decent web presence for his words - just google his name and see!

Many of his poems are written in English, in spite of them not being in his mother tongue and of a youthful nature in theme and style, an ethereal quality lifts out of the sweet tumble of his words.


Night dream is just a virtual world,

Till it is boundless and not bold.

A good night dream,

Resembles a fresh, white, well toned cream.

Sleeping in tranquil night,

Aiming to achieve the goal at any height.

To get real success in any field,

Even night dream works to provide us the courage to yield.

In the mind of a stakeholder,

Mostly the goal got the platform and support as a strengthened shoulder.

Just hardwork and luck can help us achieving aim,

Which is just a night dream which has now been achieved and not just fame.

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