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Big Heart

Ebook only.

A love story. Risk. Fascination. Upset. Big girl. Big jumper.

Have you ever been secretly in love with that tall, handsome, red-headed and red-bearded bloke from the office? Well, this story's for you! Is this a story that deserves its own novel? There's an audio reading of this story too - see our YouTube channel. Worth a listen.


Books by this Author


Conflict Management: Novelettes For Discerning Readers (Collection of No Matter What, Walking With Eve, Divine Intervention and Changes)

Crash Test Dummy

Feet On The Table: An Enormous Book Of Tiny Stories

Life's a Mess and Then You Die: Hoarding, Writing and Lost Family

Melissa And The Mobility Scooter: And Other Bedtime Stories

The Waggon

Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep, short story series.

Big Heart

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