by Lesley Atherton


This book is volume 4 in an ongoing series of short stories and flash fiction, perfect for reading while travelling and commuting. Inside you’ll find intriguing tales of revenge, of compassion, and of humour.
What happens when you decide to create your own detective?  Or when benefits and buses are all you can access in life? Or when you miss the chance of a lifetime, or crash your father's car? Dreams and folklore, drunken teens, reflections on nursery rhymes and real life - this volume has plenty to make you think. 

Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep, Vol 4

SKU: 9781730898310
  • Hiya Lesley. I was there when you fell (Janis and the Waltzers). Can't believe you wrote a story about it. Still remember it, and you look better in your writing than you did in real life!"
    - an old friend
    "I wish you didn't start the book with alien abduction and birth in space. I'm 8 months pregnant and you gave me a nightmare. It was a happy nightmare, and made me feel glad to be alive and giving birth in a NHS hospital.
    Good story.
    But way too short"
    - AA