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Changes: How to Move On

So, You Think You Can Manage Change?


Illness, motherly love and moving on. Heart-warming and powerful.


The world’s a complex place, and fast-moving too.


So, when you want to really get a great psychologically written profile of characters, but don’t necessarily have time to read a full novel, why not try novelettes?


In Changes, you’ll find

A single mum with a life-threatening health condition.

Her desire to discover more about her past.

A grown-up, autistic son who will struggle to live alone.

And a sister who is always there to support them.


‘Changes’ is a tale of love, pain, adoption and change, written and read by Lesley Atherton, from Words Are Life. Enjoy!


Deep, compelling and often difficult, ‘Change’ is a wonderful reflection on human life, relationships and the joy that comes from making huge decisions.


Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!


Changes: How to Move On

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