‘Forensic Science Basics’ is comprehensive in its coverage of the fascinating subject of forensic science.

Factually and detailed., it is also easy reading for those who wish to gain a basic introduction to this particular area of science, while also being a source of reference for the more 'scientifically orientated' reader.

David Holding provides non-technical coverage of how UK crime scene investigations and forensic analyses are conducted, taking the reader on a journey of discovery, beginning with the crime scene itself, progressing through the examination and analysis of recovered evidence, culminating in the presentation of forensic evidence at a criminal trial. The book covers such topics as time of death, causes of death, weapons used in crime, identity of offenders, bloodstain analysis and document  

By following this chronological sequence, the reader becomes an active participant in the whole process of investigating crime!

Forensic Science Basics: Every Contact Leaves a Trace

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