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Justice Delayed: Hillsborough Revisited

A Great Injustice On A Grand Scale


This work provides details of the official inquiries launched, post-Hillsborough, together with the new inquests and the criminal trials after. It is also an account of how the British establishment failed to deliver justice at every level and records a catalogue of failings in response to this major disaster.


A 'grand scale' conspiracy went right to the top of the establishment and persisted because of collusion between the 'elites' in politics, police and media. But the Hillsborough families prevailed against all the odds and retained their dignity in the face of great adversity.


The reader is left to consider one vital question. How did Parliament allow such injustice on this scale to remain for so long?  The lasting lesson from this disaster is that there must never again, be any arbitrary time limit on justice and accountability.


Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!

Justice Delayed: Hillsborough Revisited

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