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The Trial of Dr John Bodkin Adams

The Trial of Dr John Bodkin Adams was David Holding's sixth publication with Words Are Life/Scott Martin Productions, and the second in our Doctors of Death trilogy.


The trilogy centres on the criminal trials of three English general medical practitioners who stood trial for murder during the 20th century.


Dr John Bodkin Adams practised as a GP in Eastbourne from the 1920s to the 1950s, and was tried and acquitted for the murder of a patient in 1957. He was regarded by some as a serial killer, and provided the model which was later followed by the infamous Doctor Harold Shipman - the subject of our first volume ('The Last Temptation' by David Holding).


Read about one of the greatest murder trials of the century.


 The author details the trial and looks into the legal principle of double effect , inviting the reader to consider their own verdict based on all the evidence. The author's legal experience and analytical thought processes are clearly in play throughout this fascinating book.


Dr David Holding studied history at Manchester University before entering the teaching profession in the 1970s. He taught in both state and independent sectors. During this time, he continued historical research culminating in both a Master's degree and a Doctorate. Having previously studied law, David gained a Master of Law degree in Medical Law, which enabled him to transfer to teaching legal courses at university. Since retiring, David has concentrated his research and writing on various aspects of local history, legal trials, forensic science and medico-legal topics.


Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!

The Trial of Dr John Bodkin Adams

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