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Melissa and the Mobility Scooter and Other Stories

Bedtime stories for children, including 'Melissa and the Mobility Scooter'.


Stories both long and short, perfect for both reading aloud and for encouraging older children to read themselves.


"What a fantastic concept for know-it-all kids (my son!). Finish your own story... Before I read him 'Piggy in his Pocket' I told him that he had to listen really carefully because it was his job to decide the ending. Last night he decided to blow up the toy box with the toy pig in it. Tonight he told me he had a better idea. Jack and his expanding piggy must get a double bed. Next he asked if he could please have a double bed! More of these stories please" - FL


Melissa lives with her mum, dad and (temporarily) with her grandma, who is recovering from surgery, hence the mobility scooter currently residing in their hall. But all is not what it seems. The scooter has a life of its own, which the young girl discovers by accident.


This book is a collection of stories, some short and some long, to be read to children at bedtime, or to encourage them to read themselves. Melissa features in more than one story, giving continuity to the publication.


Illustrated very simply, this is a charming little book which should appeal to children from a pre-reading age right the way up to early teens. You can read this book for free on Kindle Unlimited, or purchase as a paperback, so please do support this new emerging publishing business, and a not-so-new but still definitely emerging writer.


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Melissa And The Mobility Scooter: And Other Bedtime Stories

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Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers! 

Melissa and the Mobility Scooter and Other Stories

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