by Various Authors


Who survives, and how? Tales from competition-winning authors on the broadest and most elemental of subjects – survival.

Competition winners who have agreed for their names to be released on this site (alphabetical order):
Stella Acton, Elaine Andrews, Lesley Atherton, Jonas Bradley-French, Lynsey Calvert, Bridget Joan Cleggs, Alison Fulgoni, Claire Hamilton Russell, Nora January Vivier (first prize winner), Prabhroop Kaur, Kez, Eva Korwin-Szymanowska, Pat Laurie,  Jessica Milner, Ellie Mitchener, Sonya North, Sun Paige, Hannah Pike, Jo Quigley, Ashley 'Wolf' Shankland, Delia Southern, Huda Tariq, Sarah Turner, Rachel Underwood and Olivia Young - with cover art by Penny Taylor.
See Penny's illustrator page for more information.

Survival: Tales of Surviving the Worst'

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  • "Gorgeous glossy books" - ED
    "It's brilliant. Well done" - JM
    "This wasn't what I expected. But I really enjoyed it. Have read it twice." - PP
    "I have ADHD. Thin books make me so happy. I can read them  quick" - BT
    "I particularly liked 'Patterns' about the thoughts of a tree, And with all the other stories, it was such a good balance" - JF
    "Survive to Live was so touching, and Sun Paige's story about a nasty woman was good to read" - SJ