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The Truth About: A Book for Mormons and Christians (Vol 3)

The Truth About is a three-volume book


We may think we know who the Creator is but do we really? In this book and subsequent volumes, you will learn the truth from Creation to the identity of the Antichrist and everything in between.


Volume one covers the Creation and the Kingdoms of Glory and who God the Father and His Son are with Holy Books in Mormonism and Mainstream Christianity.


In Volume two you will learn more about the Godhead, the ten commandments, baptism, the pagan gods of the bible, and the Ark of the Covenant. As an added bonus for you who dare to read it, there is a chapter regarding Deliverance from demonic possession. This is a very dangerous chapter but if you have faith you might be able to help someone in need.


In Volume 3 you will learn more about Zoroastrianism and you will see the impact that it has on Christianity, a chapter about the Nephilim and the identity of the Antichrist, the birth and death of Yeshua, and my reason why I will not and cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine.


And there’s so much more.


Andries B. Louw  D.D. is of Scottish descent (original surname spelling was ‘Low’) and was born in Bothaville, South Africa. He is an ordained ULC Minister with a Doctor of Divinity from ULC Modesto and the ULC Monastery, and also has a Doctor of Philosophy in Religion that he obtained from the ULC Modesto in 2013. Andries is an Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 


When he was four years old, Andries was able to correctly and accurately predict a farm murder in South Africa. He also predicted plane crashes. With one such crash he even know the number and location of survivors.


If you think you can handle the truth, THESE are the books to read.

The Truth About: A Book for Mormons and Christians (Vol 3)

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