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Thoughts That Count: An Inspirational Yearbook

Inspirational Quotes For Every Day


An inspirational yearbook of daily sayings, interspersed with Peter's individual style of poetry.


Brilliant gift for the more thoughtful amongst us.


In his introduction, Peter says, We are told that it is the thought that counts, so here is one for every day of the year to help you on your way. They are from my own collection and are thoughts which I find useful and would like to share with you. Some are thoughts to keep in mind during the day, some are prayers, and others have to be dwelt upon. Some of them you may not agree with. But, day by day, we can deepen our spiritual life. I must point out that the majority are Christian, but a good number are from other sources as they were originally just thoughts that I gathered for myself. One thing I found useful was to write down my thought for each day. I used notelets three inches square and when folded in half they hold four quotes. I carry mine around in my phone case. Obviously being folded, you can stand them anywhere convenient for you. I have tried to give an accurate source for each quote. I must point out I numbered the psalms from my own Catholic tradition which may cause some confusion. After Psalms 1-8 we are one behind with a small blip in the middle, and finally come together for the last three. Not that it matters really, unless some want to check. I point this out because The Lord is My Shepherd is, for many, Psalm 23, but for us it is Psalm 22. I know this because it is the motto I took for my life nearly sixty years ago. ?As I said, I hope these quotes help you on your journey and bring you closer to the God who lavishes his love on us. Could I suggest that as you use them you say a prayer for all those who are following them so we can form a community together. And can I conclude with the words of Tiny Tim: May God bless us everyone.


Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!

Thoughts That Count: An Inspirational Yearbook

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