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‘Time’ is the first volume of published work from the Horwich-based group, Write You Are.  This supportive writing group meets each Tuesday morning, and members are encouraged to contribute by reading their own works of poetry or prose. The group also regularly run intelligent and fascinating sessions on subjects useful to the development of their writing craft. Some of the written work inside ‘Time’ has come about as a result of these sessions or as homework assignments.
‘Time’ is a collection of short works, ideal for dipping into while commuting, or on a tea break. 
Contemplation, poetry, prose.
And so much more.

Time: Book 1: A Collection of Work

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  • "It doesn't get any better than a book of short stories with a few brilliant Christmassy bits thrown in!" - SC
    "The first dialect poem I read that I've enjoyed!" - PP
    "I wish I was Richard in 'Revenge is Sweet'. That guy must love his life!" - TA
    "The summer's here.
    How do I know?
    Rain falls,
    wind blows,
    heating on"
    My favourite line in the tiny poem, 'Summer' - KQ

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