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Why Judith Taylor Wrote This Book

There are a number of reasons - but mainly I’ve written ‘Heaven Sent, Taylor Made’ to tell the story of our daughter Penny who suffered from Cystic Fibrosis.

Hopefully within these pages it will show just how her faith, positive outlook and sense of humour helped and supported her throughout her life.

If someone told you in advance what is going to happen in your life, your first thought would likely be that there was no way you would cope! Before I married John, I had a breakdown and was in hospital for six months—and it was scary to see other people in hospital with this condition.

When I met John, I vowed that I would tell him about the illness to make him aware of my situation. I told him, and he accepted it. Being very much in love, we got married twelve months after meeting.

I came to be expecting a baby two years after our wedding and suffered from a bout of depression while pregnant. The psychiatrist I saw then was a person that I could talk to and trust. He suggested I have a short course of shock treatment and he assured me that no harm would come to the baby or to me.

He was right. So, despite my previous mental health problems I was able to cope with life and was eventually I was told that I was cured.

Yippee!!!! I was able to enjoy life with my wonderful family, proving that mental health problems can be overcome with the right support from the medical profession, family and friends.

John and I hope that you find much of interest in the pages to come. We also hope that others who find themselves in the same situation we were, can find some strength and hope.