Poppy Stuff on Enjoy Radio

"One of the 37 reasons why I love you, my favourite international radio presenter"

"Uncle Jim was impressed with your radio show!" - IG

"Well done on a terrific show" - TFMC

"You did a great job"

"It sounded fantastic. Thank you so much... (my parents) will have been in tears when Rod Stewart came on"

"Huge thanks! Totally taken by surprise cause my write was more of a confession than a poem so it seemed right to be left out... Once again, my warmest gratitude!"

"Just heard your poem about being bullied and thought it was great 👍👍👍❤ Great programme" - HG

"Thanks for your show and for having played some of my songs." - MC

"Thank you, Lesley! We are awesome together!"

"How can the owner of the most gentle voice in the world, be into such godawful and loud music? Seriously, though, loved MAYHEM!"

"Thank you Lesley⭐🍀⭐"

"Can't wait! 💓"

"I'm not afraid to say how much I enjoy this programme. Lots of poems and an insane variety of music. And you've got a cheeky personality and a contagious giggle. Will get brave one day and send something in for you to read... or maybe not. Love the show."

"Your show last night sounded very professional... shame most of the music was sh*te!!" - from someone who doesn't like metal music but who listened to a metal show!

"I loved that. I wanted to hear more. I found the sarcasm so funny"

"I so enjoyed listening today. Lovely emotional show."

"I notice your reading has slowed and is more measured than it used to be and your voice works well on the airwaves. Hope it happens for you" - PM

"Loving tonight's show. It's a treat listening." - BJO

"That was a great show, Lesley. Thanks very much! So lovely to hear all that poetry. xx"

"Your shows are all well put together and I can tell how much time and effort you put into them by the fantastic results you always come up with" - JC

"Incredibly sensible! But really good..."

"You're very good and an asset to the station"

"Well done on a terrific show"

"Very eclectic and enjoyable show..." - M

"It was great to hear such a quirky selection of music. Big ups!"

"Thank you for believing in me and believing in my work. It all comes from the heart x"

"I am in total admiration of what you do on a daily basis and what you have achieved in life"

"Good show thus far... Really enjoying it! That was very strange, and very lovely... thank you... Never heard anything of mine read by someone else... Bit emotional, in a good way" - DGJ

"We loved it. Thanks so much" - AB

"Splendid. Totally enjoyed it."

"Fantastic show today. Absolutely loved it."

"Thank you for telling me about this programme as it is real gem for writers and I now enjoy listening to it." - LS

"I'll listen tonight with the fire on and a brew. Bliss!"

"That was a great show Lesley, thanks very much! So lovely to hear all that poetry Xx" - LP

"A great show."

"A sheer delight! Thank you!!! Awesome in every digit of it!!!"

"Keep me in the loop! Busy writing a novel but love your programme."

"Looking forward to it girl ❤ the show"

"Thanks Lesley Means a lot x" - ST

"Brilliant, thank you" - BH

"Stevie Wayne in The Fog - that's what we both said!"

"You have a good ethos and lots of talented wordsmiths aboard!" - BJAL

"Thanks so much for this wonderful show!"

"Good work on the radio... you have the natural voice and persona for it!"

"Fab show tonight. It does sound like you have fun making it"

"Awesome!.... Awesome edition! Sheer delight! "

"I loved the way you presented my poem all that you love it truly moved me thank you girl ❤️" - Guppyman

"Very interesting edition! So many points of view on this topic! Love it!!!" - IUL 

"Another great show, girl"- GUP

"Thanks so much Lesley, I downloaded last week’s and its nice to feel useful and keep momentum for next  after-covid plans. I think you have a nice Radio voice too. I'd  be dead biased if I did radio, just telling Alan Partridge jokes and playing only The Jam and soul music. Have a good day." - SHA