It is fantastic to be part of the Great Writing Community
· Those who write because they love and need to write

· Those who write for additional or primary income

· Those who write as therapy, as part of their personal development in journals and diaries

· Those who write from the whole range of experience levels – from beginner to published expert.

Understandably the closest community to my heart is my own local community of writers. I’ve been so fortunate. The writing community of which I’m a passionate member contains a strong, committed and friendly collection of characters with a wide breadth of strengths and interests. My writing groups in Horwich (Write You Are and Writers' Cauldron) and Adlington (Adlington Writers Group) are my extended family. The support both given and received is natural and genuine. It is, in part, what gave me the strength, encouragement and confidence to set up Words are Life / Scott Martin Productions. This means that community now takes on a whole new dimension. It refers  to the writers we assist, and is a wonderful privilege and responsibility.  I want to make sure the writers we serve are served well.  

Lesley Atherton

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