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paperback £9.99

kindle £2.99

isbn 9781739716622

available from amazon

pages 130

100 Business Lessons From Hagar Hatchard


“Ultimately, this is not about being the best, but is rather about being high average, persistent, consistent and willing to make sacrifices – combined with a huge work ethic that will get you through absolutely anything.”


This book is a result of the author’s own very real-world businesses. His hope is that, through his own adversity, he can genuinely help those real estate and other small business owners who have suffered terribly during late Brexit and the Covid pandemic.


You only have to browse through this book’s ‘About the Author’ section to appreciate JP ‘Hagar’ Hatchard’s extremely diverse career success - both in the Armed Forces and in his varied business enterprises since. But the author has also experienced the catastrophic consequences of external financial and banking decisions. They have not arisen as a result of high level business judgements that may have inevitably necessitated disproportionate risk. They have not occurred because of business inexperience, naivety, or a lack of organisation, planning or control.


No. Onerously expensive and increasingly high-security loans were withdrawn without warning – and without business reason. Simply because of greedy banks and finance houses who have this terrifying control over even the most successful SME businesses.


So, let Hagar Hatchard talk you through 100 of the business lessons he learned from Brexit and Covid.


Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!

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