The Wasamaroo

Sally James's

Absolutely charming.
For reading aloud or allowing to read.
tried and tested
poetry for children
The Wasamaroo and Other Poems

'The Wasamaroo' by Sally James is a wonderful tried and tested book of children's poems.

For giggles at bedtime.

For soothing familiarity.

For reading aloud.

For reading together.

Tin Pot Poets

A Collection of Humorous Dialect Verse


25 poems by Sally, Ron and the Tin Pot Poets

A collection of humorous dialect verse

In this CD of Lancashire dialect poems written and recited by Sally James, Ron Williams and their combined efforts as The Tin Pot Poets, Sally proves she can write for both children and adults.


With titles like, 'A bun in th' oven', 'Food for thowt' and 'Fifty Shades o'red' it is well worth a listee, even for non-experts in Lancashire dialect.


Love it!

Coal Dust and Confetti

Poems by Sally James


"If this old house had a heart, would you feel it beating, or has it been broken, like the coal miner's spirit?"

The cover of 'Coal Dust and Confetti'

Sally Evans (Editor of Poetry Scotland) reviewed 'Coal Dust and Confetti' (now available in our store):


"A really good poet with the command of English necessary to bring alive these truths about the mining community. Sally James delicately and completely describes the lot of the miners and mining villages in these memorable poems."

Readers interested in mining history will be fascinated by David Holding's account of the Pretoria Pit Disaster of 1910, 'Bleak Christmas'.


Poems by Sally James


"Yesterday I turned the world off. It fizzled like a damp squib. Then popped."

The cover of 'Silhouettes'

Sally has been writing in both Standard English and Lancashire dialect since she was a child.

Her first collection of poems in Standard English - she calls the poems within 'Silhouettes' her soul poems.

The poems are personal and reflect deep feelings.

An individualist, as far as poetry is concerned, Sally prefers to write from the heart and as the mood takes her.

She has had poems published in various  anthologies, as well as read on the radio.

Sally took early retirement from her work as a District Nurse in 1991 and since they she gained a BA (Hons) Degree with the Open University, and an MA in Creative Writing at Bolton Institute.

Prolific poet, Sally James

More of Sally's wonderful work


"My waters are deep and still. Not shallow and troubled."

Some more of Sally's work

Sally, a mum, grandma and great grandma, has been writing since a child. She has had many of her poems published in anthologies, small press magazines and read on local radio. She also writes and performs Lancashire dialect poems.


Her poems are widely published and performed, and she knows exactly what goes down well with a rapt audience.

In addition to 'The Wasamaroo', Sally's other other titles include:

'Coal Dust and Confetti' - a book of poetry that contrasts a life spent in coal mining with a wedding.

'Silhouettes' - a collection of what Sally calls her 'soul poems'.

'Tin Pot Poets' - a CD collection of humorous dialect verse, by Sally and her husband, Ron.

See elsewhere on this page for more information on each!

Little Fishy

A Tiny Poem


" looked so sad and lonely"

Little Fishy poem

I had a little fishy, I won it at the fair,

it looked so sad and lonely

that I wished I'd won a pair

so I put another in the bowl

they swam around like mad

and now there are lots of little fishes

looking just like dad.