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Writing Group: Come Inside - Idea for Kids' Story

Can you continue this story?

Rosie was hungry. ‘Is tea nearly ready?’ she moaned. Her brother joined her in her moaning. ‘I need a drink!’ he said.

Their mum wasn't impressed. ‘You both need to wait until dinner is ready!’ and dad agreed, telling them to be patient, and to go outside. The two parents, John and Mary, sighed with relief as the children left: it was just one of those days where the kids hadn't left them alone for a moment.

Outside, Rosie and her brother Jake made their way to the bottom of their garden. But it didn't quite look the same. "Where are we?" Rosie asked, and was surprised (very surprised) to receive a reply, not from her little brother, but from somebody else entirely.

‘Hello little girl. What are you doing here?’ asked the voice. But where did it come from? Rosie was confused. ‘No need to be afraid. Come inside. Come on now.’

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