About Words are Life (Was Scott Martin Productions)

“But dad didn't think like that. He carried on reading, sinking deep into the descriptive text. To himself he read out the first page, and it was heaven in black and white.”

Lesley Atherton, from Melissa and the Mobility Scooter

Lesley Atherton

“To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme.”

Herman Melville

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We have assisted many new authors to get their work out there into the world at large, via publishing and editing.  We worked hard on them and are proud of each and every one.

Our emphasis is on the provision of editorial services and cover design, advice, read-throughs, meet-ups, and whatever else we can do in a pre-publication setting, in order to assist writers.

We do publish new titles, but are currently concentrating on the publication of non-fiction and the promotion of existing works.

PS: Our old name was Scott Martin Productions (a tribute to the mother of Lesley Atherton whose maiden name was Scott Martin). Our new name is Words Are Life.


Our Blogs:

Our blogs are quite diverse, but we're concentrating on short pieces of fiction, the occasional poem, thoughts and reviews on life, and on assistance for writing groups. We also post the occasional news item. Please feel free to use any of the writing group information and share as you see fit.

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