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paperback £7.99

kindle £2.99

isbn 9781916344556

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pages 130

So, You Think You Can Manage Conflict?


The world’s a complex place, and fast-moving too.


So, when you want to really get a great psychologically written profile of characters, but don’t necessarily have time to read a full novel, why not try novelettes?


This collection includes:

  • 'Divine Intervention' - God, twins and what will triumph - good or evil?

  • 'Changes' - Illness, motherly love and moving on. Heart-warming and powerful.

  • 'No Matter What' - Ghost writing, secrets and a cocky male supermodel.

  • 'Waiting for Eve' - Not what you’d expect from the revenge of two wronged women.

'Conflict Management' is the culmination of many years of writing.


Deep, compelling and often difficult, the stories within are wonderful reflections of human life, relationships and the joy that comes from making huge decisions.


"Conflict Management" by Lesley Atherton was originally published under the author name Meredith Schumann, but is now unashamedly Lesley's book!

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