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'I believe there's a platonic ideal for every book that is written, like there's the perfect version of the book somewhere in the ether, and my job is to find what that book is through my editing.'
- Sheila Heti​

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Words Are Life
Editorial Services

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Lesley Atherton, Editor

Here at Words are Life, I specialise in editorial services for writers who prefer to self-publish or who require an independent editor prior to submitting their manuscript to agents and/or publishers.  

My services are suitable for general fiction, articles, anthologies and even academic works. Though I can't check sources etc, I will ensure your text flows well, reads well, and is grammatically correct - as well as easy to understand.

Prices are extremely competitive and this service is friendly and prompt. Writing is often a lonely business, so it's good to have help.

This is what a standard customer may expect from me. Please take the following as a general guide, as everyone's situation and needs are different. I will always keep you informed of what our next step will be.


  • Author emails electronic version of manuscript (in editable text format, for example, Word). 

  • Author includes details of requirements - edit, layout, cover, design, transcription, audio book etc.

  • I will then examine the manuscript and quote a price. This is usually per 1000 words, but will take into account:

    • Complexity of vocabulary (specialised texts).

    • Number and complexity of images (including tables and graphs).

    • ​Other factors specific to that work.

  • Quote agreed and approximate date of completion provided.

  • Editor sends edited and created document/s to client for their comments/amendments.

  • Amendments made and final copies (with 'draft' watermark) are emailed to client, along with invoice.

  • Client pays bill in full and non-watermarked version is emailed to client.

  • Liaison takes place with printer if required.


Our prices are very competitive and are always agreed before work commences.

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Contact Lesley Atherton on wordsarelife@mail.com for a free
no-obligation quote.


It's time to begin your own writing story. 

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