Editorial Services

We now specialise in editorial services...

...for those writers who prefer to self-publish or who require an independent editor prior to submitting their manuscript to agents and/or publishers.  

Our services are suitable for general fiction, articles, anthologies and even academic works. Though we can't check sources etc, we can ensure your text flows well, reads well, and is grammatically correct, as well as easy to understand.

Prices are extremely competitive and our service is friendly and prompt. Writing is often a lonely business, so it's good to have help.

This is what a customer of our editorial service may expect from us. Please take the following as a general guide. We will always keep you informed of what our next step will be.


Option 1 (electronic only)

  • Author enquiry made.

  • Author then emails electronic version of manuscript.

  • Price agreed (usually per 1000 words, but occasionally the price will be a little higher - for instance, when dealing with more complex manuscripts or those which require a lot of work). 

  • Approximate date of completion agreed.

  • Editor emails completed edited manuscript back to client.

Option 2 (manual paper copy)

  • Author enquiry made.

  • Price agreed based on author's information (per 1000 words, but occasionally the price will be a little higher - for instance, when dealing with more complex manuscripts). 

  • Author then posts paper version of manuscript - double spaced on A4 paper, with wide margins.

  • Once received, quote price is confirmed by editor, and approximate date of completion agreed.

  • Editor posts the edited paper manuscript back to client.

  • Client makes their own electronic corrections, based on editorial recommendations and is able to decide which recommendations to accept and which to reject.


Price is very competitive per 1000 words, at £22.50 standard rate.

This will increase for more complex work.

We will always agree a price before beginning.

Sheila Heti

Image credit: The Guardian

'I believe there's a platonic ideal for every book that is written, like there's the perfect version of the book somewhere in the ether, and my job is to find what that book is through my editing.'
- Sheila Heti​

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