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paperback £7.99

kindle £2.99

isbn 9781916344532

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pages 338

Hoarding, Lost Family and Bad Promises


Life in a tatty caravan isn’t much fun for Tanya.  Having given up her previous life on the wishes of her dying mum, she now lives at the Glad Heart Farm caravan park - with no job, no money and no family.  They may not be related, but two people are always there for her - Rob the artist, and Tanya‘s best friend and protector, Hilary. 


But Tanya’s life is about to be transformed when she rediscovers the father that she thought was dead. And he’s living in squalor only a short train ride away. 


This is a quirky tale of hoarding, reunited family, marital misery, joy and help and love, proving there’s certainly more than one way to have a happy ending.


(Previously published as 'Past Present Tense' by Lesley Atherton and 'Finding Dad' by Lesley Atherton.)


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Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!

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