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paperback £5.99

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isbn 9781090558336

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pages 156

Another Time, Another Place, Another Fantastic Anthology


‘Another Time’ is the third volume of published work from the Horwich-based writing group, Write You Are.


This supportive writing group meets each Tuesday morning, and members are encouraged to contribute by reading their own works of poetry or prose. The group also run intelligent and fascinating sessions on subjects useful to the development of their writing craft.


As per the previous two volumes, 'Another Time' is a diverse collection of short works, ideal for dipping into while commuting, before sleep, or on a tea break.


Contemplation, poetry, and stories about life…


Fired up with enthusiasm following the simultaneous release of their first two volumes, ‘Time’ and ‘…and Tide’ Write You Are quickly worked towards the production of this third book. The eclectic nature of their interests, and their firm and strong talent, come to the fore in this volume.


One interesting factor about this particular volume, is its concentration on quite a few Christmas related short stories, making it an absolutely PERFECT potential Christmas present. Read about Santa’s recruitment of the first two humans into the elfish society of the present-giving hub, and about a biker turned tailor who meets his match. Powerful poetry is interspersed within the short stories in a book that combines easy reading with thoughtful content.


Highly recommended, even if I do say so myself, as a contributor and publisher. Books like this deserve to be digested and supported. These people write because they love it, and it shows.


For years, short stories and novelettes have been neglected and considered to be lesser art forms in comparison with the longer novel, but there is a place for all forms of fiction. Reading on holiday, when travelling or commuting, or when waiting in a doctor's waiting room - all these situations call for something stimulating and interesting to pass the time, but also something that will not be too complex concentration-wise.


Shorter stories are ideal, and we are championing their return to favour.


Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!

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