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CSWS3 Cover Replacement 249w.jpg

paperback £5.99

kindle £1.77

isbn 978-1-7391120-4-2

available from amazon and smashwords

pages 172

This book is volume 3 in an ongoing series of short stories, perfect for reading at bedtime, tea breaks, or while travelling and commuting.  

Inside you’ll find intriguing tales of revenge, of compassion, and of humour.


  • Sticks and balls and sleep acrobatics.  

  • Bus station anxiety.  

  • Sci-fi dystopia.  

  • Family - remembrance, joy and despair.  

  • First kiss, wedding massacre and the lure of the hangman's noose.  

  • Inspiration, foraging, and ice cream Sundays.

  •  Impossible work, evolution and the urban unicorn.  

  • A mourning dog.  

  • Music in the basement, but no music for a month.  

  • Nervous breakdown, procrastination and ensnaring of prey.  

  • Ranting, reincarnation and rolling the dice.  

  • Decisions and deception.  

  • Revenge and stranger than truth.  

  • Requited love and walking boots.  

  • And so much more.


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