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what our proof-editing
service covers


Words Are Life are taking on no new books or other projects of any kind until further notice.  Don't worry though... books already published are still accessible on Amazon. We will be back.

Proof-editing ensures that the manuscript or document looks its best before publication. It incorporates both proofreading and copy editing.

Proofreading ensures the text is free of errors and is ready for publication. 

Copy editing polishes text to improve the style, flow and word usage. 

Our proof-editing involves working through a comprehensive checklist to ensure nothing is missed. Here's a summary.


  • Correction of errors and typos.

  • Ensuring consistency and correctness of apostrophes, speech marks, dashes and other contentious punctuation.

  • Formatting of page, paragraph and text. This includes margins, styles, headers and images.

  • Checking URLs, bibliography, chapters, footnotes and endnotes.

  • Ensuring the document is grammatically concise, precise and fit for purpose. This involves multiple read-throughs both on screen and aloud. 

  • Ensuring the most suitable word usage on every line. 

Not covered

  • Substantial rewrites.

  • Checking of factual accuracy. 

  • Developmental edit.

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