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Divine Intervention front cover 249w.jpg

paperback £4.50

kindle £1.77

isbn 978-1-7392702-1-6

available from amazon and smashwords

pages 98

This book was originally conceived as a short comic novel with the working title ‘The Alpha Twin’ - but the author soon realised that her interests lay more within the perceived role of creator than in the created twin subjects.


So, ‘Divine Intervention’ was born. 


This novelette is a tongue-in-cheek take on the role that a creator might take in the creation of a human, and why the creator might intervene and call a stop to the work already done.


Deacon and Joanne are twins who are polar opposites. One is inherently good: one inherently evil. It’s just how they were made, but does that mean they cannot take responsibility for their own actions.  So, God, the ultimate in omniscient narrators cannot resist helping out.

#omniscient, #narrator, #storytelleruk2019, #twin, #evil, #god, #goodversusevil


For years, short stories and novelettes have been neglected and considered to be lesser art forms in comparison with the longer novel, but there is a place for all forms of fiction. Reading on holiday, when travelling or commuting, or when waiting in a doctor's waiting room - all these situations call for something stimulating and interesting to pass the time, but also something that will not be too complex concentration-wise.


Shorter stories are ideal, and we are championing their return to favour.


Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!

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